#5WordBookReviews of 31 Essential Reads For Teachers This Summer...

Posted by Matt Butcher on July 13th 2017

I was English leader during my time in the classroom – hands down the most immature English leader you’re ever going to come across. My reading-lists looked like a page from a year-six kid’s reading-diary; worked through at a slower - much slower – pace due to the arrival of my own children. I’m not blaming my kids for my struggles to tackle grown-up books; just for the fact that I never seem to get more than a few minutes to myself without locking the bathroom door. The fact is: I’m just not a massive fan of reading. There - I said it. I’m a (ex)teacher who isn’t a fan of reading. But don’t worry – you won’t find too many of us.

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First Week

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Posted by Matt Butcher on June 30th 2017

We’ve come so far over the last ten weeks. During this time we’ve listened intently to you; to different practitioners working in schools, local government and the corporate world; and from our very special online community who’ve had our backs from day one. We’ve worked alongside; heard from or caught the attention of teachers speaking sixty-nine different languages; from two and a half thousand cities; in over one hundred and twenty countries across the world. All these teachers (your global colleagues) saw- in fit2teach - an application with the potential to help improve your work-life balance and wellbeing. And it did. And you did. And we did. When we asked you to stick around, you showed patience and trust and - together – we’re making small-steps to make things right. In fact if not for the controversy behind our ‘Glue Stick Delivery’ question, we’d probably all be sharing a house together; albeit a massive one, in or around the equator.

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First Week

The craziest week of our lives...!

Posted by Matt Butcher on May 9th 2017

This wasn't in the script. However much we believed in fit2teach and its potential, we never saw this coming - not this quickly anyway. In the space of a week, we've received countless messages of support from teachers and headteachers around the world; our phones haven't stopped buzzing; and our users continue to increase in their thousands - absolute madness! We've also had constructive feedback - and a few damning reviews - all of which make us more determined to develop the platform to be the most personalised; closest-to-perfect fit2teach we can deliver to you. And - for teachers - it will always be free.

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First Week

We have Launched!

Posted by Austin Cheetham on May 2nd 2017

As you can see from our timeline, things are moving quite quickly! Within the last two weeks, we have designed; we've implemented; beta-launched; and have now officially launched to a wider audience. Response has been absolutely overwhelming and our community has been awesome - thank you all so much.

We made the decision to launch to a wider audience as a result of the sheer volume of positive feedback; and the early impact of fit2teach on the work-life balance of our beta-group. The beauty of fit2teach is its simplicity - having a way to measure and monitor the once unmeasurable. We've given you the platform to do it; now it's up to you...

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Matt's Story

Posted by Matt Butcher on May 1st 2017

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