Building You a New fit2teach

Building a new fit 2 teach
Posted by Matt Butcher on August 25th 2017

With only 6% of fit2teach users accessing the platform on a desktop, the need to build a native App – available to download in AppStores – has always been top of our agenda. Over the Summer, we locked Austin away in his Dad’s garage coding a fit2teach that - we’re sure - will excite you as much as excites us. Naturally, we’re playing our cards very close to our chests; but - over the next few weeks – look out for a few teasers of some of the brand new features coming your way soon.

Austin escaped the garage this week to chat about the process of creating a new fit2teach. Modest as ever, here’s his take on things:

‘It’s hard for a programmer to show progress on a day-by-day basis. There might be intense periods of coding followed by a period of reflection or trouble-shooting. If you were to ask me what I’m up to then - for me – the only answer is that I’m building an App; but I totally understand that - for many - that isn’t the answer they’re looking for. The new fit2teach App needs coding to create a skeleton to support the many features we have planned. Once in place, we can work through the features we’re adding one-by-one.’

‘Taking feedback from users and chatting in the pub with Matt and Martyn, the basic brief for a feature is agreed. Matt will throw a few drawings together which we’ll send to our designer - Matthew - to turn them into what you see on screen. Once Matthew’s happy, the designs come back to me. I’ll write the code to make the feature work and then return them to Matthew to be fine-tuned ahead of each feature being submitted.’

It’s all second-nature to Austin and I’ve never once seen him stressed. He’s probably the perfect person to design a platform for stressed-out teachers looking to improve their wellbeing. We’re lucky to have him and I know you appreciate his hard work as much as we do.