What is fit2teach?

fit2teach is an APP for teachers, support-staff and schools, used to measure, monitor and improve teacher work-life balance and staff wellbeing. Think of it as a kind of Fitbit for all things ‘School’, helping you identify patterns and trends in your working-life that may be potentially damaging to your wellbeing; or that - maybe with a few small changes – could help you find a bit more time for yourself, your friends and your family. It’s a fun, anonymous and non-threatening way to help tackle the teacher-wellbeing agenda and to support staff – and schools – towards finding that better balance.

Where can I download it?

fit2teach is available to download – for free – on Apple and Android devices in their respective Appstores. It can also be downloaded and accessed via a PC or Mac from our website.

And what about fit2teachPRO?

fit2teachPRO offers the best way to experience fit2teach. For as little as the price of a coffee each month, our PRO-users gain access to their unique fit2teach ‘Dashboard’. Here, we’ll present your data in a range of cool and geeky ways across the different aspects of teacher-wellbeing. See your scores mapped on line graphs against the fit2teach-comminty average; we’ll alert you to your average scores across your working-week and collate the most important of your responses using a range of graphs and charts . In addition to the ‘Dashboard’ our PRO-users get more ‘Rewards’ to work towards – setting you more challenges and providing greater motivation to reach those gold-tiers and prove your awesomeness. Interested? Simply visit the home-page of our website - or copy this link into your browser: https://www.fit2teachapp.com/getpro - to upgrade your account and support the fit2teach project: to grow; to reach-out and help more teachers around the world.

So how does fit2teach work?

Each day, our users simply log into their private fit2teach account and answer a set of questions based around their day. From those responses, we’ll calculate you your unique fit2teach score and present it in a number of different ways.

What are the daily questions?

Taking less than a minute to answer, the fit2teach question-set takes inspiration from educational and wellbeing research (Dewberry & Briner) as well as feedback and support from teachers, school-leaders and local authorities. So you’ll be providing responses that measure how much you’re enjoying your current school and role; whether you feel valued and cared for; how you’re managing your time and workload (work-life balance); as well as your efforts to look after yourself. Essentially – through our question-set – we’re looking at those areas that if championed (and on a school’s agenda) tend to keep teachers in the profession.

What is a ‘fit2teach-Score’?

From your responses, we’ll calculated you a unique fit2teach-score – a value between -100 and +100. You’ll receive a score each day; and your daily scores will build towards that all-important weekly score.

But how is it calculated?

fit2teach awards (or deducts) points based on the responses you provide us. Your scores in each area of teacher wellbeing (see ‘What are the Daily Questions?’) all contribute to your overall fit2teach-score.

My scores are different colours – what do they represent?

Good question! To help provide a quick visual clue to how your scores are looking, each score you receive will be assigned a colour. Scoring below -10 gives RED scores and represent a (mostly) challenging day or week. On the rare occasions your score reaches the dizzy-heights of the top-end of our scoring-scale, you’ll be given a GREEN. Anywhere in between – our most common fit2teach-scores – provides an ORANGE score. Use your colours in combination with your score to spot patterns and trends, as well as celebrating progress.

How is my information used?

We've spent the last eighteen months building the trust of thousands of teachers; and we think you've got enough to worry about. We're about improving your wellbeing; not adding to your concerns. That said, fit2teach does not pass on your personal information or data. The scores we gather will – across time – be used to help build a picture of the wellbeing of school-staff across the world. If signed up to fit2teachSCHOOLS (our school-support package), you’ll throw your data (totally anonymously) into the school data-pot as you work together to open dialogue and improve outcomes towards a happier and healthier workplace.

I’m ‘stuck’ on a question; I need a bit of support. What do I do?

Not a problem. It’s natural that something so novel will lead to curiosity and the need for clarification. Users of Facebook can join our ‘fit2teach Staffroom’ – a closed group full of teachers just like you; and from all corners of the world! There, you’ll receive all the support you need to get the most from fit2teach. Matt – our founder – is pretty-much always around to answer any queries and support you on your fit2teach journey. Alternatively, you can contact us via the website.

And how can fit2teach benefit schools?

Our fit2teachSCHOOLS platform is out of beta and offers anonymous whole-school reporting; giving schools a unique insight into staff wellbeing. At worse it provides a fun, anonymous and non-threatening way to develop a whole-school staff wellbeing agenda; and at best provides a platform for schools and school-leaders to measure, evidence and celebrate progress and success towards reducing teacher workload and building a happier and healthier workforce. A school subscription costs as little as £120/year (based on number of staff-users) and unlocks fit2teachPRO for everyone! Your own unique school-code is added in your ‘Settings’ options and then you’re up and running. You do nothing differently. fit2teachSCHOOLS work WITH staff, making small-steps together to improve wellbeing outcomes. And – if and when – you need to evidence your work towards reducing workload and/or monitoring wellbeing, then you’re perfectly placed to do so. Interested schools should contact us either via our website, or at [email protected]