What is fit2teach?

It’s the world’s first online teaching-tool that actually measures a teacher’s work-life balance.

How does fit2teach measure the unmeasurable?

Each day, our users log into their private fit2teach account; answer a set of simple questions; and have their work-life balance score calculated by us.

What is a ‘Work-Life Balance Score’?

Good question. The uniqueness of fit2teach means that we’re setting the benchmark. The concept alone is alien to us all; but our 200-strong teacher focus-group took to it like lightening. Essentially, all work-life balance scores sit on a sliding scale between -100 and 100. You’ll receive daily, weekly, monthly and school-year scores to play with. There’s a graphic on our homepage as a more visual prompt.

How is my information used?

Fit2teach does not pass on your personal data. The scores we gather will – in time – be used to help build a picture of work-life balance in teachers across the world.

What’s with the school name and postcode?

It simply allows us to build a better picture of our demographic. An application to become a fit2teach school might need – for example – a healthy, positive work-life balance score for a set number of teachers in your workplace. Grouping data gives us the opportunity to support you in this. We’d also like to reward individual schools from time to time; celebrating success in teacher wellbeing instead of standards.

What can I do with my own data?

Currently, you make your data work for you. At worst, it will open your eyes and make you reassess your priorities; alert you to areas of your working life that aren’t working in your favour. At best, you’ll join our ‘fit2teach Staffroom’ on Facebook; a place where you’ll share data with teachers across the world; where you’ll be supported and advised in your quest to improve your wok-life balance and overall wellbeing.

But will you be able to help me improve my scores?

Absolutely. Week-by-week we’ll be sharing ways to become more efficient in all areas of teaching. We’ll be drawing on good practice from around the world; offering schools the opportunity to become a ‘fit2teach School’; and developing fit2teach to get you motivated and excited to make that positive change to your work-life balance and wellbeing.

Is fit2teach an ‘App’?

Another good question – you’ve done this before! No. Not yet. We’re constantly working to develop fit2teach; and this includes our App-Launch in the very near future. However - due to its popularity amongst of focus group – we made the decision to give access to a wider audience in its current form. You’ll see it evolve week by week; we’re always adding new content to give you the best chance of improving your work-life balance.

I’m a headteacher/principal or teaching assistant. The questions don’t quite fit my role – can I not join in?

Why miss out on the fun!? fit2teach has already been tested by headteachers in the UK; some using it alongside their staff. They themselves, raised this valid question. In the coming weeks, we’ll look to introduce bespoke sets of questions more suited to different roles within schools. We’ve already addressed issues around working part-time or full-time; and we hope to be helping improve wellbeing regardless of your role in school, in the very near future.