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Take control of your work-life balance with fit2teach

The first of its kind, our nifty new app finally gives teachers the tools to measure, track, manage and improve your work-life balance and overall wellbeing. Because the most important person in your classroom is YOU.


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Matt's Story

Hi. I’m Matt; or – as my pupils loved to call me - Mr B. Two years ago I was torn from the classroom to become a full-time Daddy and carer for my beloved wife, following a devastating diagnosis of cancer. So when it comes to the value of a work-life balance: I get it. Our world was turned upside down last year, when she tragically left our lives – even now it’s hard to accept. But now, I really get it.

Matt Butcher

What do my work-life balance scores mean?

-100 Bad score
-29 OK score +30
Great score +100

Picture your work-life balance sitting somewhere along this sliding scale (-100 to 100). Each day, your score will be within the green band (you're nailing work-life balance); within the red band (a threat to your wellbeing); or you'll have an orange score (room for improvement or hanging on in there!) At the end of the week - which includes data for Saturday and Sunday - you'll be given your weekly score...

'It really helps to put things into perspective.'
Sarah-Jayne, UK
'Realmente me ha ayudado a replantearme mi trabajo diario. Pequeñas cosas que hacen la diferencia: ir al vater, mejorar el tiempo de las exclusivas, intentar corregir en el colegio.'
Ana, Spain
'Love, love, LOVE THIS!'
Helen, UK
'Love this. Makes me think about my own wellbeing.'
Nic, UK
'Such a fantastic tool!'
Amy, UK
'Thanks for opening my eyes and removing some of the negative gaze - this is an awesome piece of work; and you guys should be immensely proud of what has been achieved so far.'
Gail, Dubai
'This is fantastic - it really makes me think about my behaviour and put some emphasis on me-time.'
Lara, UK
'You are making a difference to how we feel; as well as making us more aware of our work-life balance.'
Kay, UK
'This is really getting me thinking about my work-life balance.'
Trudy, UK