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Matt's Story

Matt ButcherHi. I’m Matt; or – as my pupils loved to call me - Mr B. Two years ago I was torn from the classroom to become a full-time Daddy and carer for my beloved wife, following a devastating diagnosis of cancer. So when it comes to the value of a work-life balance: I get it. Our world was turned upside down last year, when she tragically left our lives – even now it’s hard to accept. But now, I really get it.

Throughout my career, I was one of the rare lucky ones: a teacher with a healthy work-life balance. But - for many – the struggle isn’t just real; its become normalised. Your deteriorating work-life balance hasn’t gone unnoticed; and yet it remains unchanged – until now. You can’t change what you can’t measure. Now - for the very first time – our fit2teach platform gives you the tools to measure your work-life balance. And change is on the way.

I promised my wife I’d chase the dream of launching fit2teach. Now – with the help of Austin and Martyn – it's here; and I’m getting my mojo back. Together we’re helping teachers become more conscious of their work-life balance and wellbeing; and – with more content added all the time – we’re only just getting started. Sign-up for free to say enough is enough; to join a community of teachers just like you. Because talk is cheap; and – in case you’ve never been told – the most important person in your classroom is YOU.

On behalf of myself, Martyn, Austin and the team – welcome aboard.

To our amazing beta-group testers – thank you.

And for Caroline – let’s do this, Gorgeous.