School FAQ

What on Earth is fit2teachSchools?

fit2teachSchools is the only system on the planet that offers a real-time measure of staff wellbeing across a school. Imagine taking that mundane staff questionnaire (the one that only captures-the-mood at the time of completion!) and replacing it with quick-fire entries on a fun and engaging APP; entries collected over time to build a truer, more credible picture of staff wellbeing across your setting. That’s fit2teachSchools!

Why do I need it?

Its taken longer than we’d all hoped; but (at long last!) staff wellbeing and teacher-workload is well and truly on government agenda. From September 2019, any (UK) school inspected by Ofsted will be assessed on the extent that its leaders engage in and take into account the wellbeing and workload of their staff. A school will be held accountable for how constructive they are in the management of the pressures faced by staff; including the reduction of workload. But - Ofsted aside – don’t we all want to work in a place where we feel valued and cared for; for people who demonstrate a commitment to (at least!) maintaining the wellbeing of their staff to build a happier and healthier workplace?

How can you deliver on this?

Let’s take those key-words: extent, engage, take into account and manage. Our system puts schools in control of collating data from over 70 wellbeing outcomes across areas that include workload, work-life balance, job satisfaction and feeling valued and appreciated. Once you’ve compiled your data, the extent of your engagement is limitless. Use fit2teachSchools as a health-check for the changing mood in your setting; identify and highlight areas for concern and use it to drive change and measure and celebrate improvements. Discover - for example – how your revised marking-policy measurably reduced the average number of hours your staff worked at home last term. Engage away! And manage staff wellbeing with your unique, real-time school admin-panel, providing instant access to data, graphs and charts; and unlimited reporting at the click-of-a-button.

What areas of wellbeing are you measuring?

Over the past eighteen months, we’ve worked extensively with school-leaders, education consultants, local authorities, teachers and school support-staff to prepare you for this eventuality. Our question-set draws on the latest educational research (Dewberry and Briner) to measures staff wellbeing across the following areas: how much you’re enjoying your current school and role; whether you feel valued and cared for; how you’re managing your time and workload (work-life balance); as well as your efforts to look after yourself. Essentially, we’re looking at those areas that if championed, engaged-in and well managed, tend to keep teachers and school-staff in this most wonderful of professions.

And how do you do this?

Oh that’s the easy bit! fit2teach works by collecting information through an APP downloaded by your teachers and support-staff. Open the App and spend less than a minute answering a quick-fire set of questions about your day. We’ll do the rest by collating any staff responses and using them to build you an anonymous picture of staff wellbeing in your school. It’s fun; it won’t add to your workload; and we’ll do all the data collecting, collation and presenting, without you having to lift a finger. And we’ve got your back, ready to pounce into action whenever you need us!

What will our wellbeing data look like? How do you present it?

We can’t control your wellbeing outcomes; but we can show it you in a simple, engaging and easily accessible way. Every school signing up to fit2teach gains access to their unique admin panel – an online place to review collated data and generate reports. From here, you’ll see key wellbeing outcomes at a glance; constantly changing as your staff provide more data – the more entries; the more insightful fit2teach becomes. With real-time instant reporting, you’ll be able to export PDF reports at the press-of-a-button; reviewing outcomes during specific times of a year or a chosen date-range. We present it; you engage in it, manage it and you act up on it; and we show-off your success!

How does the sign-up process work?

It’s like shelling peas! Simply follow the steps on our online contact form. Start by choosing a username and password; and then create your unique fit2teachSchools school-code. Let us know how many staff-members will be using fit2teach and we’ll offer you an annual license sensitive to the current state of school budgets – remember we’re working to improve your wellbeing, not make it worse! Once registered, staff download fit2teach from their usual App-Store, enter the school-code you chose and away you go!

I have a teacher ‘friend’ who isn’t tech-savvy and whose phone doesn’t take photos or use Apps. Can they not contribute to our data?

No way! And - trust us – your ‘friend’ is not alone! We’ve built fit2teach to be accessible through use with all handheld and mobile devices AND desktop PCs and Macs. You can even stay clear of the APP-angle and register and use fit2teach from your computer or laptop – it should even look better as we’re not trying to fit everything onto tiny phone-screens!

As well as whole-school, are their individual benefits to using fit2teach?

We’re chuffed that you asked! Downloaded and used by almost 40,000 teachers worldwide, we’ve proven that regular use of the fit2teach APP helps teachers find that improved (and elusive!) work-life balance. The headteacher of our first pilot-school revealed that every single member of staff made at least one change to their working pattern as a result of using fit2teach; changes that had a positive impact on reducing workload and improving wellbeing. It’s true. Our users make many bold claims of the impact its had on their teaching and general wellbeing; and of its role in helping them to work more efficiently to release more time at home for their own children, families and friends. It’s a win:win situation really!? Staff-members either benefit directly from their personal data on their screen; or collectively as the school builds insights into its wellbeing and workload profile; and works collaboratively with them to improve outcomes.

So individual users get their own data on their APP?

Absolutely. A fit2teachSchools subscription unlocks fit2teachPRO (usually £2.50/month) for every member of staff. Often referred to as a Fitbit for all things teacher wellbeing, we collate and present the data for our individual users on their own unique dashboard – think of it like a diluted version of our school admin-panel. We track their fit2teach scores and map them on weekly and monthly calendars; and we provide challenges and rewards to help keep them on-track and make general improvements to their time management and wellbeing. (See our individual-user FAQs for more information about fit2teach scores and how they’re calculated).

How do you look after staff identities and our data?

It’s our everything. As stated previously, we exist to improve wellbeing; not to make it worse. Concerns around GDPR or anxiety around who does or doesn’t know who’s contributing to your whole-school data are areas we have to get right. Our business manager - Martyn – is a school governor who not only leads on GDPR; but also supports other schools with their approach and policies. So not only does he get GDPR; he gets it in schools; so you/we couldn’t be in safer hands. In terms of the link between staff and school, it’s invisible. A school system requires a minimum of three entries a day to count towards your school’s data; but it’s anonymous and will always be so. As if we’d ask you to complete a sensitive survey and hand it to SLT with your name on? We’ve got your backs; and there isn’t even the threat of anyone trying to work out your handwriting!

Surely last week’s YOGA staff-meeting and our ‘Staff Shout-Out-Board’ show we’re committed to staff wellbeing?

We’d love to say ‘Yes!’ and praise your efforts; but despite your good intentions delivering these things, they’re no more than box-ticking activities unless you’re measuring and responding to their impact (or lack of!). By all means have these running in the background; but measure their impact through fit2teachSchools? Our findings show that gestures such as these are detrimental to as many staff-members as they are positive experiences for others!? Read more about the potential impact of different wellbeing initiatives on our fit2teachBlog.

We want to be the very best – the best there ever was!

We love the fact that our most engaged schools want to see improvements from their data and reports; so we’ve created our fit2teach Kitemark to acknowledge and champion these schools, their committment and their efforts. Prove to us that you’ve used fit2teachSchools to measure, evidence and improve aspects of staff wellbeing or reduce workload; and we’ll make a fuss of you by awarding you our fit2teachSchools Kitemark. We receive regular correspondence from passionate teachers willing to relocate to work in schools and local authorities where workload and wellbeing matters. Let us guide the best teachers your way, by adding you to our Kitemark schools.

We’re IN – what do we need to do?

Fantastic! You’re a few clicks away from joining something fun, innovative and essential. Complete our sign-up process and we’ll email you our welcome letter and all the information you - and your staff need – set off on your fit2teachSchools adventure! Thanks so much for choosing us; and we look forward to sharing in your achievements and success.