There's a boy in the girls' bathroom question pack

There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom Question Pack

Get the most from our recently uploaded 'There's a Boy in the Girls'Bathroom' film with our #PAUSE&EXPLORE question-pack! Use this FREE PDF download to engage and interact with the film and book, saving you time and ensuring your students cover a range of themes and reading skills. Play along using the official #PAUSE&RESPOND version of the film:; and have your class get in touch so we can make a fuss of them!


Resources Pack

fit2teach - FREE Resources Pack

Here's our FREE 88-page spelling resource bundle! I know (FREE!); we're crazy aren't we!? To be honest, we've been sat on it for a while; so it might as well be put to good use in classrooms and homes? In it you'll find cute and fun games to use with bespoke spelling-lists; and word-lists and resources built for use with statutory spellings at various ages and stages. There's something for everyone in both colour and ink-friendly versions! All we ask is that you swerve by our social media pages and drop us a cheeky 'Like' and 'Follow' as a way of saying thank you - it's massively appreciated and we can't tell you how much it helps us! Enjoy

fit2teach Rading Royale

Reading Royale - World Book Day 2019

Flex your reading muscles to power through 50 levels of ridiculous reading challenges... Battle through our READING ROYALE to unlock Read Bucks for progressing through the levels... Use earned Read Bucks to spend on individual or whole-class rewards; or strike deals with family members to spend Read Bucks at home!

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War of the Words – Y2 Common Exception Words

Our take on the classic ‘Top Trump’ style card-game. Have children invent their own rules while they explore the Y2 Common Exception words by letters, syllables and fun facts. Create one (or more?) class packs to be used during Guided Reading, focused spelling sessions or sent home as alternative to the usual homework requests. Ready to download as a PDF. *Not to be sold-on or shared as your own work – thanks!

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Statutory Word-Bank Pack – Y1,Y2,Y3/4 & Y5/6 Tricky Word Checklists

No frills. Just a collection of Common Exception word-lists for use in school or at home. Ready to download as a PDF. *Not to be sold-on or shared as your own work – thanks!

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Look. Say. Cover. Write. Check.

Print our ready-to-go ‘Look. Say. Cover. Write. Check.’ resource and have (if you dare!?) your pupils cut along the lines to create a simple flip-and-reveal self-check resource. Perfect for morning jobs, practising at home, or as part of Guided Reading or focused spelling sessions. Uses a single page printed double-sided. Ready to download as a PDF. *Not to be sold-on or shared as your own work – thanks!

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Back-To-School Wellbeing Workout!

Our users in the Southern Hemisphere missed out on our Christmas 'Advent Challenger!' as they'd already finished for Summer. A few asked for a 'Back-To-School' challenge and so - naturally - we were happy to oblige! Perfect for the start of the new academic year (or for after a half-term break?) here's our head-teacher-high-fiving; our weekend-winning set of daily challenges designed to lighten the mood and your workload in those tricky first few weeks back-to-school. Will anyone face our gold-level challenges? And who will scrub-off every single task!? Have fun; and good luck...

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fit2teach User Guide

We have created a comprehensive user guide that will give you an insight into how fit2teach is being used to improve work life balance accross the teaching proffession. Download is available as a PDF or Powerpoint.


fit2teach Advent Challenger

Each day throughout December, we'll be challenging you to do something to improve your wellbeing 💚 We'd love any evidence posted in the Staffroom 🙏🏻🕵🏻 Feel free to run the challenge as a staff; get everyone involved! Have fun; look after yourself; and make yourself - and others - happy 😉😆