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The Chair

Posted by a friend of fit2teach on October 27th 2017

There's a chair in our staff room.

It's different from the other 43.

It faces north east, is adjacent to a small window, and is the furthest chair away from the photocopier.

By that’s not what makes this chair unique.

Over the past 2 years, I've watched 7 teachers sit in that chair and cry.

Everything from gentle tears to soul-wrenching sobbing have taken place on that very seat. I know because I've sat on the seat next door.

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The chair a poem

Fit 2 Teach – the WhatsApp Challenge…

Posted by Caroline Green on October 11th 2017

During the last academic year, this month's guest-blogger - the amazing Caroline Green - led a support-group of teachers towards an improved work-life balance using fit2teach alongside WhatsApp. They loved it. And Caroline claims it had such a positive effect. Since then, staff have started setting each other f2t targets to work towards; and Caroline plans to roll-out the project further into Early Years. Here's their story...

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whatsapp challenge

Often My Sundays Get a Big Fat Red!

Red Sundays
Posted by a shy guest blogger on August 25th 2017

My parents were teachers. My brother was a teacher. My grandfather was a teacher (and also an inspector but we will gloss over that one). It was almost inevitable I would be a teacher but I rebelled aged 18 and decided I wanted to be a scientist and did environmental biology at university and dabbled in that sector for a while. It may be a cliche but I got the 'calling'. I see so many teachers knock this idea and tell you "IT IS JUST A JOB not a calling" but I guess for me I was pulled in despite trying to fight my family connections to the profession.

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Share your fit2teach journey for the chance to win exclusive f2t goodies...

First Week
Posted by Matt Butcher on July 14th 2017

As if you’ve got time to type a quick recount of your fit2teach adventures since discovering us. You’re far too busy to share your success-stories in exchange for the chance to win fit2teach t-shirts, pens and/or mugs. Exclusive fit2teach t-shirts, pens and/or mugs.

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Martyn's Story So Far

First Week
Posted by Martyn Headley on July 14th 2017

So, its been an exciting few months; from a pint at the Elmwood to an app and a thriving community in 2 months. I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I think we have all heard the story of how we got started from Matt – if you haven’t you can find it here: (Blog Link Here) I want to talk about what I have seen and experienced on our journey so far. Even though I am a governor and have been a school photographer at John Hunt Photography for over a decade, I’m not a teacher so I wasn’t aware of the problems that teachers face every day. If I’m being completely honest, I thought - like many people outside of education - you had massive holidays and worked from 8.30 until 3.30 everyday - sounds like a cushy number to me; or it did until I actually saw what it was like. When we met I was sceptical of the need for the app. But Matt was so passionate about it and (don’t tell him this!) but after a single meeting I knew he was a genuine and sorted guy - me and Austin decided to take a punt on it. I expected a couple of hundred users within a month so I was shocked to see 10,000 users after a day of general release - Wow!

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