fit2teach native APP goes Green!

Posted by Matt Butcher on October 6th 2017
It works

I've spent the last few hours pacing the house; trying to think of the words to write; the right words to mark the launch of our native - our true - fit2teach App. And I've struggled. So I'll do what we rarely get the chance to do; I'll do what our pupils never get to do. I'll just write. I'll write without a purpose; without a care and definitely without a checklist.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll take fit2teach on a journey that I never thought possible. We'll celebrate with our existing users and welcome new ones to the f2t community - hopefully loads of them. Since leaving the classroom and saying goodbye to Caroline, the thought of reaching this point never entered my head - more the stuff of unicorns and dreams. If it were to end next week then I've won back my mojo, made new friends, met inspirational people and done my bit. And - most importantly for me - I'll have made Caz and the kids very proud indeed. But I don't want this to end. And when I look at what we've planned, there's no way it possibly can.

After all, the new fit2teach native App is only 'Version 1.0'; so it's already asking for improvements and new features. Currently, your new f2t has had a subtle styling make-over; and we've added the ability to send push notifications to help us personalise your experience and support you even more. Our calendar now includes an all-important monthly view. For the the first time, see your work-life balance month-by-month; and at a glance. Use it to identify any patterns and trends threatening to your wellbeing. See your improvements over time; share them; celebrate them and seek support and advice from our f2t community. In another twist, challenge yourself to earn our new fit2teach rewards; strive to unlock them at bronze, silver and gold levels. Our new inApp reward system will motivate you to make those small changes to your working day; that together help reduce your workload and improve your work-life balance. And the best thing: we know fit2teach works; that by using it over time, you'll improve your work-life balance. We've the data to prove it. And we've so much more to come.

It took many seriously red days to get here; and not just from us. So to our current and loyal users - many of whom continue to chase their illusive green day or week - who have allowed us to work alongside them; to share in their failures and success; and who have taught us everything we know: we're a long way from beta - thank you. And to the team; to Austin and Martyn. They have no idea of the difference they're making to my own wellbeing; and to those using - and about to start using - fit2teach. I've been a pain in the arse over the last few months; but I promise to repay your belief and (somehow!?) your time! Cheers, Gents - can we have a beer now?

For those new to the App, we've built our frequently-asked-questions into f2t to help you on your way. And - should you need us - just give us a shout or join over 3000 teachers from across the world with a cuppa/glass of wine, in our Facebook fit2teach Staffroom.

Remember that the most important person in your classroom is YOU. We'll help make to see that and can't wait to start working with you and sharing in your success. And to Caroline - wherever you might be - look what we did...

Thank you and (please!) tell your friends!


CEO fit2teach