We have Launched!

Posted by Austin Cheetham on May 2nd 2017

As you can see from our timeline, things are moving quite quickly! Within the last two weeks, we have designed; we've implemented; beta-launched; and have now officially launched to a wider audience. Response has been absolutely overwhelming and our community has been awesome - thank you all so much.

We made the decision to launch to a wider audience as a result of the sheer volume of positive feedback; and the early impact of fit2teach on the work-life balance of our beta-group. The beauty of fit2teach is its simplicity - having a way to measure and monitor the once unmeasurable. We've given you the platform to do it; now it's up to you. Measure your work-life balance. See it; track it; change it; and improve your overall wellbeing.

As you read this, someone is working on fit2teach to make it better for you. Over the coming weeks, we'll be adding content in the following areas:

  • Rewards/achievements
  • Bespoke questions matched to your specific school-roles; and even the country where you teach!
  • Making the app native so it will be in the app stores and more easily installed on your phone

We owe so much thanks to our loyal - and ever growing - community. On behalf of the fit2teach team - from the bottom of our hearts - thank you all for believing in us; for your support; and for your commitment to improving your own wellbeing.

Also - if you haven't already - please like our main Facebook page and join our 'fit2teach Staffroom' Facebook group. We have also just joined Twitter.

Please stick with us. And - we promise you - we are just getting started!