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Posted by Matt Butcher on June 14th 2017

As if you’ve got time to type a quick recount of your fit2teach adventures since discovering us. You’re far too busy to share your success-stories in exchange for the chance to win fit2teach t-shirts, pens and/or mugs. Exclusive fit2teach t-shirts, pens and/or mugs.

But if you were able to find a few moments for quiet reflection – and fancied putting something together for us – then we’d love to hear from you. We get snippets from our Facebook Staffroom of how fit2teach has worked for you; for your families; for your colleagues and schools. But it’d be a privilege to be able to dig a little deeper; to get an insight into the true impact of Austin’s algorithm; and to help us validate the hours of behind-the-scenes graft that goes into fit2teach and its ongoing development.

You may be an individual celebrating a pattern of improving weekly-scores; a user who happily embraces a multi-coloured mash-up; or someone just enjoying the love and support of our f2t community. You might be part of a group of teachers privately sharing your screens; setting yourselves mini-challenges as individuals or a group; or a school on the cusp of introducing fit2teach on a larger scale. Whatever your tipple, we’re excited to hear from you.

The new Guest-Blog page of our website is officially open. And empty. Yes – we’d love to hear from established bloggers. But we want your story; we want a range of stories that represent and celebrate the diversity of our international - and incredible - f2t community. And if we can blog then anyone can!

Posts can be submitted anonymously or credited if you’d prefer. Simply throw something together - as a one-off - with any supporting screens to: and let us do the rest. Each month, our guest-bloggers will go into a draw to win exclusive f2t goodies.

Thanks so much.

Your f2t Team...